Test Pickups

Concert Piezoelectric Pickup
String instruments. Hang.

The universal pickup revolution: electric sound = acoustic sound!

Great sound with the banjo and the TB88 series

Attention: You will find many technical data, graphs of the frequency response and installation details on our spanish web site. Click here

The TB88/CR & /CC pickup on the sitar
The transducer can be installed on top or on the side of the bridge, perfectly capturing the sound of the resonating strings. Double-sided tape is used to adhere it. If you wanted to install a pickup permanently without any type of adhesive, YOU HAVE TO KNOW OUR CUSTOMIZED PICKUPS on our web page: TB38 & custom pickups.
TAV pickup. Sitar

TB88/CR on the main bridge of the sitar
TB88/CR on the sitar
TB88/CC on the main bridge of the sitar
TB88/CC on the the sitar

The TB88/CR pickup on the hang
This pickup allows you to obtain a perfectly natural sound from instruments such as the hang and other similar instruments. It also allows maintaining an orderly, clean presence of tripods and microphones.

In the first image we see Dominique Molard in a staging full of cables, microphones and tripods. In the second, the stage is another thing ... Clean of electrical accessories, the only protagonists are the hang's with the pickup TB88/CR and the musician. Dominique Molard is a great french percussionist specializing in hang and other percussion instruments. With Ivon Molard, also a percussionist, they have developed a very interesting research work in this field of music.
Other french percussionist musicians, such as Lionel Tessier and Mélaine Cogez, have joined the electric sound of the hang, integrating this instrument electrified in the traditional set of percussion.

TB88/CR. Mobile pickup.

Contact surface: 20mm. x 12,5mm.
Impedance: 12K ohms. (1Khz). aprox.
Output cable included: 3m. Shielded with RCA and Jack 1/4".

TB88/CC. Fixed pickup.

Contact surface: 21mm x 11,5mm.
Impedance: 12K ohms. (1Khz). aprox.
Cable pickup: Custom according to client.
Approximate measurements:
15cm. Guitar, lute, sitar, etc.
17cm. Violin and viola.
35cm. Cello.
45cm. Double bass.

Output cable included: 3m. Shielded with RCA and Jack 1/4".

TAV TB88/CC universal pickup - All string instruments. TAV TB88/CR universal pickup - All string instruments.

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