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Hi-End transducers. Handmade in Spain.
Andreu & Vila. Barcelona.

TAV Pickups

Standard, professional and customized micro pickups for musical string instruments and percussion.

Electrify your acoustic instrument and make professional quality recordings at home, without ambient noise or bad acoustics of  your room. To know more (link).

TB88 universal pickups
Professional micro pickup for classic and acoustic guitar and others string instruments, sitar, sarod, violin, viola. cello, double bass and others. Very easy to install. The TB88 offer you high ouput signal, low distortion signal and good sound quality.
TAV Pickups - Pastilla violín TB38/VS
TB45 standard pickups
Contact pickups for acoustic guitar and others string instruments, such as violin, cello, double bass. Very easy to install. The series offers you low distortion and good sound quality.

TB45 pickup for acoustic guitar TB45/CP acoustic guitar pickup

TB38 string pickups
Professional pickup series for the violin, viola, cello, double bass and viola 'da gamba'. installed under the bridge for maximum sound quality.

TAV Pickups - Sitar pickup TB38/Custom TAV Pickups - Cello pickup TAV Pickups - Pastilla violín TB38/VS TAV Pickups - Double bass pickup TB38/CH

TB68 drum pickups
Piezoelectric pickups specially designed for the electrification of percussion instruments, such as tablas, cajón, congas, bongos, etc. Very easy to installing on the patch or vibrant element of the instrument.

Dual pickup. www.tav.net Dual pickup. www.tav.net

With our pickups:

Electrifying musical instruments.
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